Creative Services for HR Teams

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Whether we’re starting at ground zero to build your employer brand identity or optimizing a set of foundations that already exist, we leverage our consumer brand-level creative capabilities to achieve your most important talent goals. Our human-centered approach ensures a consistent brand experience across the talent lifecycle, allowing prospective talent to immerse themselves in your culture even before joining

and existing talent to fall in love with their employer all over again. Through strategic message design, cohesive and compelling visual assets, brilliant employee storytelling, and custom web solutions, we provide proof of your cultural promises - authentically reflecting the employee experience at your organization and appealing to your ideal talent audiences.

/ Every organization has a unique story - we excavate yours and tell it with maximum impact.
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/ Kickoff & Onboarding

We kickstart our Creative Services engagement journey by getting to know the key players who will be involved in its success story (usually across-functional group), and then understanding your brand identity, content goals, and assets that sit behind it.

Our accelerated (yet precise) onboarding process ensures that we can quickly collect and analyze all the juicy housekeeping pieces that will set us up for effective collaboration and masterful outcomes.


/ Immersion & Brand Audit

We always start with listening and gathering deep insights. We immerse ourselves in your brand, conducting in-depth content and competitor audits to discover white space opportunities and grasp your unique storytelling and visual design needs.

We unearth ways to leverage and create maximum value from your existing assets while identifying gaps that will need to be filled.


/ Solution Planning & Delivery

With insight from the audit, we build our creative solutions strategy. Our experts craft bespoke creative to execute that strategy - resonating with your audience and fully aligned with your brand identity. We believe that creativity is best served with process diligence, so every deliverable will be executed with a high degree of project management that ensures everyone who needs to be in the loop is.  While creative service scopes vary greatly, capabilities include:

●      Verbal + Visual Identity Development
●      Targeted Campaign Concept Development
●      Employer Brand Content Strategy
●      Employee Image + Content Libraries
●      Employee Spotlights
●      Social Graphics
●      Digital Assets for Owned Career Channels
●      Recruiter “Sales” Materials(pitch decks, sell sheets, etc.)
●      …and more!


/ Measurement & Optimization

We measure the impact of our creative efforts against our intended goal and continuously optimize to ensure your brand resonates with its intended audiences, achieves target impact and strengthens the overall company brand.

Monthly fee or Project-based pricing available; our goal is always to deliver the greatest amount of value possible within the budget you have.

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